Thursday, May 10, 2012

What a Teacher Makes

Posted by Valerie, Senior Manager, Grants and Program Development

During Teacher Appreciation Week, I always find myself going down memory lane and revisiting teachers I had growing up.  And, like you, there were favorites among the many over the years.  Ms. Bremser was my kindergarten teacher.  And while I don’t remember much, I think she must have been a favorite because I had fun, made friends, and was finally in school like my big sisters.
In the years to come, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Whitlatch, Mr. Mueller and Mr. Nichols all played their part in teaching English, Science, and History.  And while it was as much about learning the subjects, it was learning how to get along with others, get projects completed, and interacting with forces that would shape my future.  There were two high school teachers I really remember well, Mr. Wingo and Mr. Thomas.  They taught AP European History and English respectively.  Everyone feared their classes but loved them just the same.  For if you made it out of their classes, college was going to be a walk in the park.   You couldn’t fake it and they instinctively knew if you hadn’t done your assignment.  Maybe they could see it in our eyes or sense us praying that we wouldn’t be called on to answer a question. 
For all the memories, for all the time spent in school with friends, for all the homework assignments and everything else, we must not forget to say “thanks” to our teachers.  For those of you who haven’t seen Taylor Mali’s “what a teacher makes” check this out.   The question about “what a teacher makes" is answered.
Volunteers are the backbone of A Gift For Teaching and here is one shout out to teachers from a long-time volunteer and familiar face in the store, Chris Dawson.

Good Afternoon Teachers,   I would like say that I appreciate you coming because being an AGFT volunteer is important to me.  If you didn't come to AGFT and shop I wouldn't get to talk to you, answer questions and most importantly I wouldn't get to tell you the incredible value of your shop!!   Thank you for coming to shop at AGFT this school year and I hope you will continue to come shop next year.   Thank you for everything you do to help students, Chris Dawson


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  2. That video was incredibly inspiring, gave me goosebumps.