Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Post by Bob Frost, AGFT Volunteer
Bob Frost

Two years ago, I became a winter resident of Central Florida as my wife and I became “snowbirds” from Rochester, New York.  Being a retired music teacher after almost 40 years in the classroom, I discovered A Gift For Teaching and it has been a most enjoyable volunteer opportunity for me.

When I greet teachers at the check-in desk, I sense a true empathy with them for I know all too well the kind of day they probably just had.  Dealing with disruptive students; responding to phone calls from angry parents; answering to administrators and supervisors.  These are the daily occurrences that all teachers deal with along with lesson plans, grading and classroom presentations. 

And yet the rewards, fulfillment and satisfaction from teaching far outweigh the negative aspects.  The teachers that come to AGFT every month are outstanding in every way.  They have passion, dedication, a great work ethic and a genuine love for their students.

So at the end of the day, we all are working for the kids.  For me though, I am there for the teachers.



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